“Drive like your kids live here.” Nah.

I was walking my dog down a quiet residential street the other day when I saw one of these signs propped up on somebody’s front lawn. I wanted to burn their house down. Not only because the parents were self-righteous enough to preemptively scold every passing driver, but also because their house was at the end of a cul-de-sac. No cars pass this house. Ever. … Continue reading “Drive like your kids live here.” Nah.

Real talk: College majors

I sometimes regret majoring in English. I wish I didn’t, but I do. I should’ve seen it coming:the Forbes posts about the ten worst college major, the comments from my engineering roommate about how he was surprised how much time I spent at the library, the anonymous internet commenters telling wide-eyed liberal arts majors to get a grip on reality. And though I scoffed at … Continue reading Real talk: College majors

I miss AIM

  My screenname was W3bG3m20, because I was a baseball player. When I hit enter, my message was sent with the crack of a bat. I was cut from the freshman baseball team but damn that name was fresh. I kept my hoes in rotation. There was the girl in my class who I constantly hit with the “This geometry homework sucks,” convinced that our … Continue reading I miss AIM